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USB Data Theft Protection Tool

Monitor usb

USB Data Theft Protection Tool for Windows Network provides simplest usb data protection solutions, specially designed to track, display the insertion and removal activities of USB mass storage devices on client system configured on Windows network. It helps to prevent data theft or block USB port access by unauthorized users of USB devices in real time. Anti data theft utility provide details of USB storage devices including client PC name, IP address (client and server machine), USB drive name, and date/time when information is received to the server and save details in txt or html file format for future reference. Free Network USB drive monitoring software monitor usb activities along with performance and activities of multiple clients’ machine simultaneously configured on any Windows network, even if network connection is unplugged (shows offline status) or any breakdown occurs. With excellent data protection usb storage monitoring tool enables to block usb drives access thus providing expertise business data protection of important documents and files from getting into the hands of intruders.

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Easy to use LAN USB drive disabler or hardware monitoring services allow you to intercept and analyze data transferred activities from USB devices connected to your client machine. USB drive data leakage protection software monitor USB activity and alert by playing sound notification whenever USB drive is inserted and removed on any client machine. The computer data security software provide interactive graphical user interface, so that user can easily understand the information security software features and working with requiring any usb host controller drivers to use it. Removable media blocking software utility is useful for significant private/corporate data protection in small and medium size organizations including Software companies, Cooperative fields, Research department, Computer labs of school and colleges and various other areas to watch usb drives activities on client PCs and block removable media from illegal access.

Get free to download demo version of USB Data Security Software for Windows Network data leakage prevention and easily understand software features and functionality. We provide trial demo version which facilities to usb monitor up to 5 clients in Windows network. To monitor more than 5 clients in given network you need to purchase the licensed version of the usb drive locking software.

Key Features of USB Data Theft Protection Tool
Real time monitoring:

USB drive anti theft data software is fully capable to capture, intercept the plug-in and plug-out activities of USB storage devices in real time on client system over Windows network providing reliable information security services.

Monitoring log:

USB port monitor software is useful for recording status of plug-in and plug-out activities of USB storage device occurred on client machine including USB drive details in real time thus protecting usb drive data from being altered.

Sound alert:

USB security software provides highly qualified usb data protection services by alerting administrator on server machine by playing sound beep when USB storage media is plug-in and plug-out on any local area network client PC to prevent confidential data leakage or data loss.

  Offline monitoring:

USB data leakage prevention software easily record insertion or removable activities of USB storage device on any client PC even if network cable is unplugged or disconnected.

Activity log:

Easily maintain activity log, providing Access setting (USB drive is enable and disable usb ports on the client machine) and Permission setting (set the USB drive status of read-only or readable/writeable setting on client machine) of USB drive on client machine from server.

Run in hidden mode:

LAN based USB monitoring software tracks all the USB drive activities on client system by running in stealth mode.